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Next Monday is Cyber Monday, and starting at 0800 UK/Irish time that day, our Ebooks Direct store will be launching the New Millennium Edition of Book 2 of the Young Wizards series, Deep Wizardry.

Like the NME of So You Want to Be a Wizard, this is a revised and updated version of Deep Wizardry, brought up to date for its new generation of 21st-century readers. Besides undergoing some general polishing and tidying, the novel has been revised to include modern technology more appropriate to the here and now than the original 1980s edition, and also continues the process of establishing a new, corrected timeline for the characters and events to carry the Young Wizards series forward into its new century.

There will also be a new cover for this edition by the magnificent Niko Geyer (who did the new cover for So You Want to Be a Wizard). Please note, however, that due to some temporary logistical problems at our Irish production end, that cover will not be available for the Cyber Monday launch. As soon as it is ready, purchasers will be notified so they can download copies of the book with the new cover.

The other two of the first four NMEs (High Wizardry and A Wizard Abroad) will be ready before Christmas: subscribers to the Ebooks Direct general notifications mailing list will be notified as soon as they're ready. If you'd like to be notified when they'll be available, please feel free to use the form below to sign up. All nine books in the Young Wizards series will be available in the New Millennium Editions by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

Also: before Cyber Monday comes Black Friday, and the Ebooks Direct store will be celebrating that weekend as well. Subscribers to our store's general notification mailing list will be offered special discounts for the Black Friday weekend. If you're interested in availing yourself of these, you can use the form below to sign up: a mailing with the pertinent information will be going out within the next 48 hours. (Just a general note about our list, by the way: we normally only send out a mailing once a month or so unless there's a significant release. Naturally you can opt out of the list at any time. And equally naturally, we'll never share your email address with anyone else. The very thought.)

Thanks in advance for your interest!

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Since Harcourt only controls the North American rights to their editions of the YW ebooks and these can't be sold outside the US, we've started bringing out international editions that can be purchased by everybody else. So You Want to Be a Wizard, Wizard's Holiday and A Wizard of Mars are out already: and now Deep Wizardry is ready to go. (The books are coming online out of order because some of the origin files have been easier to convert than others.)

Deep Wizardry costs USD $5.35 and is available in Kindle / .mobi and Nook / iPad / .epub formats. More info at DianeDuane.com, or you can click here to go to the Deep WIzardry page at the DD.com shop.

(Just a note: if you've heard the scuttlebutt about a revised/updated edition of DW, be advised that this isn't it. That'll  be coming out later in the year. This version matches the text of the US editions.)

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