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Now available at last in ebook format are [livejournal.com profile] petermorwood's two prequels to his Horse Lords series. Now, of course the Horse Lords' Book of Years purports to tell the true story behind the arrival of the Horse Lords in Alba. But as usual, when the victors write the histories, the truth has been known to suffer. Events that could prove embarrassing or even shameful to later generations get covered up, as do any suggestions that the heroic deeds of past generations might not have been so heroic after all...

Book 1, Greylady, begins to tell the real story of the arrival of the Horse Lords in the realm of Alba, and how they turned the Art Magic that they initially hated and feared into a terrible weapon that would first be used against the realms they conquered. It also tells of Bayrd al'Talvlyn, a young, landless and idealistic captain at the time of the Landing in Alba -- and the distant ancestor of Aldric Talvalin -- who suddenly finds himself catapulted into the murky political and magical maelstrom surrounding the subjugation of the native Albans. And in book 2, Widowmaker, the story continues into the time when the Art Magic begins to be turned to truly deadly purpose against the invaders from over sea. Bayrd al'Talvlyn struggles to preserve his new young clan from the enmity of the recently deposed sorcerer Kalarr cu Ruruc, while preserving his newly conquered land from those who want it, and those who want it back...

Greylady and Widowmaker are now available as ebooks in .mobi format (for the Kindle) and .ePub (for Sony Reader, Nook and the iPads and iPhones), joining the print editions of Widowmaker and Greylady presently available at Lulu.com.

Yes, they're my husband's books. Know what? They're hot. And I'm not just saying that because I married the guy. They're worth reading. Please go buy some. :)

(LJ friends: we’re celebrating the release with a 20% discount off everything in the store, including the 9–volume complete sets of the Young Wizards International edition ebooks. Use the discount code CLANWARS at checkout.)

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I dropped a brief note about this into the last message that went out to subscribers to The Big Meow. Now it's time to get started letting the world know in earnest.

Greylady and Widowmaker, the first two "Clan Wars" novels, have been out of print now for some time. They are by far the hardest-to-find, and at the same time the most sought after, of all Peter's books, with sources like AbeBooks offering the scarce copies that come on the market for prices in the hundreds of pounds Sterling. These two novels (and a third, Cradlesong, is projected) tell how the Horse Lords first came to Alba, what they found there, how they coped...and how they set up the cultural, political, and magical landscape in which their descendant Aldric Talvalin finds himself. Some of the characters will be entirely new, though some survive into Aldric's time...with uinexpected consequences.

Now that the books have reverted to Peter, he's free to do with them what he wills...and (impelled by much insistent email) he's now told me to "go do the Lulu thing."

And so we shall.

What we're asking interested readers of this posting to do -- whether you read it on DD's or Peter's blog -- is as follows:

(1) If you're interested in being notified when either of these books are republished and available for purchase -- a matter of days (DD is setting/grooming the type at the moment) please send an email to this address.

(2) In the subject line of your mail, please tell us which book you're interested in: GREYLADY, WIDOWMAKER, or BOTH.

Also, since the wonders of Lulu allow us to do this without it costing us anything extra:

(3) Also in the subject line, please tell us whether you're more interested in a British- or US- formatted edition (that is to say, with US or UK spellings): (UK) or (US).

We will be making both hardcover and softcover editions available. The softcover editions are similar to US trade paperback size. For the hardcovers, dustjackets will also be available for those who require them. Unfortunately, the original beautiful Mick Posen covers are copyright to Legend, so we can't use them in this republication. Until we can commission new cover art, the covers will feature swords from Peter's collection...including the sword he commissioned from the celebrated Italian swordsmith Fulvio del Tin (responsible for, among much other handsome weaponry, the "hero" version of the "Braveheart" sword) and which most closely evokes the look-and-feel of Greylady.

When you send your email, the database will save your address so that we can send you a notification when things are ready to roll in a week or less. It will also send you an acknowledgement that we've received your mail. (If it starts sending you multiple acknowledgements, please mail DD or comment back to her here at the blog to let her know: she will beat the machine into some kind of submission or other.)

We heartily encourage you to spread the word around to other Morwood fans. Pass the email address on to them, or pass this blog entry's URL/permalink along, and let them know that these rare and much-missed books are now coming back to the fans who've been demanding them for years!

..And thanks.

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